taken from g’s magazine 12-2012. well, the news itself is quite old, because the results have been leaked from the official site, but well, here it is, enjoy

μ’s Cover girl is decided!

As a commemoration of Lovelive! becoming a TV anime,the poll for the cover girl, that’s been done in 3 weeks, starting from the September to October has finished!!

From everyone’s vote, the one girl who’s been chosen for the cover girl is none other than μ’s founder, Kousaka Honoka

(Total Votes : 4001 votes)

1st Place – Kousaka Honoka (616 Votes)

“for everyone who has voted for me, from the bottom of my heart, i wanna say thanks to you all. when i heard about this, i almost burst into tears.
as a leader that can’t always take the center position, truthfully, there are a lot of times when i feel miserable, but..
with μ’s becoming an anime and i’m becoming the cover for it, i am truly happy.. for everyone, i’ll need to do my role perfectly, and honoka will do her best, with a smile that’s great enough to conguer the universe!”

For this time’s poll, up until the first half, all the 9 girls standings are quite equal, from the last half, Honoka’s and Umi’s votes are skyrocketing, tailing each other like in a dead heat state. In the end, by a slim difference, by overcoming umi, who was a top position on the first half, Honoka became the number 1! and the 3rd place and under also gave a good fight.

2nd Place – Sonoda Umi (609 Votes)
3rd Place – Yazawa Niko (491 Votes)
4th Place – Minami Kotori (490 Votes)
5th Place – Ayase Eri (447 Votes)
6th Place – Nishikino Maki (398 Votes)
7th Place – Koizumi Hanayo (321 Votes)
8th Place – Hoshizora Rin (315 Votes)
9th Place – Toujou Nozomi (314 Votes)

For Honoka who managed to win the poll, she will become the front cover for Dengeki G’s Magazine 2013-03, which will be put up on sale on 30th January next year. Honoka’s face will be lined up on bookstores shelves and the fans will let out tears of joy! Also, let’s look forward to what costume she will be wearing and what pose she’ll do.


Well, it’s a bit late, but here’s a little review of the first fanbook, cause i only got it just recently from my friend.

What is included in the package:
– the bag

The bag itself is big, and as you can see, it’s got good design. The front is the picture from the live poster, while the back is the picture from the 5th single, Wonderful Rush

– 4 clear poster
clear poster
clear poster
The posters pictures are taken from the duo single pictures, first appeared in dengeki g’s for 4 months

– the fanbook itself
The cover
The cover is great, all the girls in a new outfit, and it’s drawn especially for this fanbook. One of my reasons to get this fanbook is also, maybe, because of the cover.
The book itself consisted of 50 pages, includes member’s files, member’s diary and interview/ message, discography, activities up until now.
Here are the teasers :
Members File
Diary and Talk

on the back side of the cover, all member’s signatures are also included inside :

impressions :
i am satisfied by this book, it contains all the illustrations that’s been released up until now. The book itself is quite cheap, about 1000 yen, so i guess it’s a good bargain. :3

hi everyone, it’s been a really long time since i last update my blog (again).. as right now maybe is the right time to once again write in the blog, since the idolm@ster PS3 has been released.. And now, i’m onto producing once more..

As for now, i’ve got some time to spare to write about the idolm@ster history, taken from the magazine まるごと アイマス for you, but only the CD section :

– 2005/09/28 : Master Piece Series – Just two months after the Idolm@ster arcade was released (2005/07/26)
– 2006/12/20 : Master Work 00 – Rank 10 in Oricon Chart
– 2007/01/31 : Master Work Series – Released a Week after the Xbox 360 Idolm@ster was released (2007/01/25)
– 2007/07/18 : Master Artist Series
– 2007/12/19 : Christmas For You
– 2008/02/13 : Master Live 00
– 2008/03/05 : Master Live Series – Released few weeks after the L4U for 360 released (2008/02/28)
– 2008/03/25 : Famison 8 Bit Series
– 2008/07/23 : Vacation For You!
– 2008/11/19 : Best Album Master of Master
– 2009/12/10 : Colorful Days and Overmaster
– 2009/02/04 : Master Special Series – 2 Weeks after, Idolm@ster SP was released (2009/02/19)
– 2009/09/09 : Dream Symphony 00
– 2009/10/14 : Dream Symphony Series – Idolm@ster DS was released on 2009/09/17
– 2009/12/16 : Master Special Winter
– 2010/03/17 : Master Special Spring
– 2010/05/12 : Best of 765 + 876 Series
– 2010/09/22 : Master Artist 2 Prologue
– 2010/03/11 : Master Artist 2 -First Season- Series – Idolm@ster 2 for 360 released not too long after that (2011/02/09)
– 2011/05/25 : Master Artist 2 – Second Season- Series
– 2011/08/10 : Anime OP Theme (Ready!) – 2009/10/27 : PS3 Idolm@ster 2 Released, and also along with Idolm@ster anime first BD

retracing along the history of the CDs, it’s been really a long time since i knew about idolm@ster..

Today marks the end of the August’s 2nd week. This week is full of spending.. it looks like i need to control my expenses for the week to come. On a different note, just today i watched Transformers 3 in 3D.. well, as usual, the story is so-so but the battle is alright.. and it’s long… but hopefully this is the end of the Transformers series (honestly, i’m not too fond of Transformers..)

So here are the happenings this week :
1. Mayoi Neko Overrun Figures arrived
The Serizawa Fumino and Kiriya Nozomi figures (MEGAHOUSE) just arrived AT THE SAME TIME D:.. I was shocked, really, cause i thought that the fumino one is due in October or so, but it seems that i saw the wrong date of release.. it breaks my cash flow calculations… But well, since it already arrives, i’ve got to pay for it, so i’ll just let it slip by

2. The idolm@ster for dearly stars : Innocent Blue 3, arrives at kinokuniya
So, just yesterday, i went to kinokuniya @ plaza senayan, to buy the innocent blue 3 (which is the end of the series), and browsed for another mangas, hoping i’d find Rou-kyu-bu vol. 2.. but i find TLR darkness vol. 2 instead… without further thinking, i grab it and took it to the cashier.. and there goes my money… :/

3. Having dinner with the g00 members
From Plaza Senayan, i went straight to Central Park, waiting for the guys to come out from the theatre, while playing Sakaagari Hurricane in my PSP.. i’m too absorbed to it, so i didn’t recognize that my cell has been ringing.. LOL, and in the end i got to meet them and having dinner @ Sushi Groove TA.. Ate, Chat and took a walk back to Central Park, eat again, and then went home…

That ends my post.. what a boring post indeed.. well, i don’t really have anything to say lately.. even though back then i had something to say, but i forgot… :/ it’s really easy to forget about what you want to write when you don’t write it right away… so, night, guys 🙂

Today i woke up in the morning, changed my clothes, and go cycling in the neighbourhood. It’s been like my routine for the weekend lately, which is good because i rarely exercises, so my body is stiff, and this help me a little in relaxing my body.

And, so for today, i got to watch Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows part II (Yes, it finally ends, after 10 years long wait). When watching it, about 3/4 through the film, there apparently a problem with the sound, so it gave out a large amount of noise, large enough to make some people actually ran out from the theater, thinking there’s an earthquake or disaster of some sort. It was hilarious. 🙂